Suggestions for Newborn Care Items to Have on Hand

Diaper Bag
Diaper Rash Ointment (Desitin/or Dr. Smith’s)
Alcohol And/or Alcohol Swabs
Cotton Balls
Cotton Q-tips
Baby Wash
Baby Oil
Baby Lotion And/or Baby Cream
Comb and Brush
Wash Cloth
Baby Towel
Infant Wash Tub
Nail Clippers
Gauze If Baby Boy with Circumcision
Baby Room Monitor
Baby Crib and or Bassinet (Check Safety Information)
Car Seat for Newborn to Twenty Pounds (Be Sure It Fits Your Car Correctly)
Humidifier And/or Vaporizer (Fyi They Make One That Has Both and Is Changed By
A Small Switch
Booties And/or Socks
Receiving Blankets
Hat (Especially in the Winter Time)
Nasal Suction Bulb
Rectal Thermometer
Tylenol Infant Drops
Small Bottle of Distilled Drinking Water
Neosporin Ointment
Saline Nose Drops
Plastic Bags to Dispose Dirty Diapers
2-3 Infant Toys in Diaper Bag And/or a Few Books
Possibly Breast Pump If Breast Feeding
Baby Bottle (the Angled Style or Platex Nursers)
Consider Having on Hand One Can of Formula And/or a Bottle of Expressed
Breast Milk on Hand for Emergencies
Formula-either Similac®low Iron (Milk Based) or Isomil®(Soy)
Please Wash All Blankets, Sheets and Clothing Items Before Putting Them on the Baby.
Use Dreft or Ivory Snow and Please Double Rinse in Case Any Soapy Residue Left in the
Clothing Items. Remember That the Clothes You Wear May Also Rub the Baby on the Face.
Watch for Rashes.
Also Cologne And/or Perfumes May Cause Rashes.