Yesenia Blas
Office Manager
I go by “Yesi” I have been working with Dr. Eisner since May 2012. I enjoy interacting with our patients and parents, it’s always a good idea to share some laughs and show our patients how pleasant an office visit can be. On top of all the fun, I work along with Dr. Eisner and the rest of the team to do my best to provide spectacular service, a safe and clean environment and overall a friendly atmosphere. So let our family take care of yours.
Cindy Lopez
Administrative Assistant
I have been working with Dr. Eisner since September 2016, and I’ve really enjoyed my time here with our patients and staff. I’m patient, kind and understanding. I look forward to sharing some laughs and tears with you, to enjoying the milestones alongside you and being there for your concerns. I have found my passion in caring for children and all ages and I can’t wait to care yours.
Alma Serrano
Medical Assistant
I started working with Dr. Eisner September 2014. I’m a wife and a mother of two, which helps me relate at a more personal level. I give not to receive but simply serve those in need, which are our adorable patients. I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to the care of others and to give the care your child deserves.