For Life-Threatening Emergencies, call 911 or take your child directly to Texas Children’s, Woman’s Hospital or Memorial Hermann Children’s Emergency Room. For urgent problems after hours and at other times when our office is closed, please call our office number (713-688-8393). You will then get a message telling you the best ways to get hold of Dr. Eisner, or another pediatrician delegated by Dr. Eisner.


For minor emergencies after office hours, Dr. Eisner recommends the following urgent cares:





Night Light Garden Oaks 832-831-4660
Next Level Urgent Care Memorial Park 713-391-8533


Poison Control: Always keep the number to the Poison Control Handy: 1-800-222-1222

The Friday / Holiday Rule: If your child is ill on a Friday or before a holiday, bring the child in to be seen. There are few things more miserable than spending a long weekend with a very sick child, and emergency rooms are best avoided unless there is a true emergency.

When to bring your child into the office: A child with a fever over 101° F. should be seen in the office. I feel particularly strongly about this if it is a young child/infant who cannot communicate with us. If your child’s fever is high at night, and lower the next morning, bring your child in to the office. The fever will most likely go up again that night. Your child is not well until at least 24 hours fever free. It is better to treat a child early than late and your child will respond much more quickly to an infection which is detected and treated early.