Ways to Help your Child Handle Fear

Helping children overcome fears not only eases their anxieties, it also provides an opportunity to build the parent-child relationship. As you and your child work through fears together, he learns to regard you as a valuable source of support. Understand why children are afraid Children do not think like adults. Most of the world is […]

Vomiting / Diarrhea

Definition Vomiting and/or diarrhea may be induced by several different things; viral infections are the most common cause. Most vomiting stops within a few hours if some simple steps are followed early in the course. Dietary changes will usually hasten the recovery. If your child is under one year of age, it is not uncommon […]

Taking control of your weight

A recent study shows that 37% of Houston’s school aged children are over weight or obese. This number is nearly twice the national average. It had become such a big concern because it can lead to serious health problems. These diseases were once very rare in children but now doctors are diagnosing them more and […]